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How To Make A Difference
To A Small Community

Nepal is on a powerful geological fault.

The 2015 Earthquakes have had devastating effects on the population, in particular the poorest families in rural areas.

Many have lost their homes and land in land slides.

Unless the people can afford a costly reinforced building, there is nowhere safe for them and their children to live.

The Alain Rouveure Nepal Fund is sponsoring an Earthquake Proof Community Centre/Health Post in Etay Village, Kavre District, two hours from the capital, Kathmandu.

This safe building is essential for the Community and will provide shelter to 350 people in emergency situations.

Important funds have been allocated for the most essential re-inforced underground structure, but more funds are needed to complete the building.

A Charity With a Difference

Alain has encouraged fundamental social work in poor rural communities since 1979. The Alain Rouveure Nepal Fund provides Health and Education to many vulnerable children.

The Alain Rouveure Nepal Fund has minimum administration costs, as Alain already travels there twice a year for his galleries. All the donations received go directly where it is most needed.

How to be Part of the reconstruction of the Community Centre / Health Post in Etay Village

Buy a Brick - 10

Buy a Personalised Brick for Posterity - 50

  • The Alain Rouveure Nepal Fund

    UK Registered charity No. 1166353

    " Most of us would like to help those less fortunate than us
    achieve goals that, we in the West, take for granted, like Health and Education. "

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